Author Topic: Long time, no see!!  (Read 6360 times)


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Long time, no see!!
« on: March 26, 2013, 02:43:44 PM »
It's been some time since I have seen any new activity on the forums. But, I figured it was time to put in an appearance, and let you know what is up. First and foremost, US Highland is up. Sort of. OK, let me back up here for a moment. I got an email last night, from someone I'd never heard of, who had bought stock in the new company. He figured, since I am in Tulsa, and was active in the forums previously, that I might have some insight into what might be happening with the company. I had actually not heard anything in quite some time, but checked the website, and found the new address. They have a new facility in Tulsa, and I was there today. At this time, the plan is to move ahead building engines, and later to start building complete motorcycles again. I even saw one of the bikes from the old facility. The street legal, dirt-tracker-inspired model, don't remember what they called it off the top of my head, but it was in plain view about 15 feet behind the receptionist's desk. Yeah, I was drooling a little! It's a nice place, and less than a mile from where I currently work, so it should be easy for me to keep tabs on their progress. Hopefully some of the old forum members will read this, we can get the interest back up,  and support a NEW AMERICAN motorcycle company!   :D  JED