Author Topic: Highland 950 vTwin To make 120 HP  (Read 7002 times)


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Highland 950 vTwin To make 120 HP
« on: February 16, 2010, 07:23:18 AM »
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The Highland Groupís uniqueness lies largely in the ability to offer productionlicenses on a variety of high performance engine platforms. Only a few companiesin the world (Rotax, for example) can provide motor cycle companies with thisservice. Technology & IP service.The Highland engines represent a third generation of Swedish motorcycleengineering.Only the largest international motorcycle companies have the capacity to invest theamounts needed in R&D in order to design, test and maintain competitive engineplatforms.Highland has two extremely competitive and modern internal combustion engineplatforms applicable both to racing and in ordinary transportation units. A HIGHLAND GROUP AB (LTD.) MEMORANDUM 2009
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The Highland Group offers engine platforms from 250cc to 1150cc. All engines meetthe standards of the latest EU3 sound and emission regulations and offer world-leading power to weight ratios. The 950cc V-twin engine, weighing just 144 kg, canproduce up to120 HP! Technology & IP produce up to120 HP!The long Swedish tradition to build motorcycles, starting 1903, is demonstrated inHighlandís engine platforms, thus being the core of Highland operation(Our engine chief engineer has over 40 years experience in 4-stroke design)Highland has developed engines for both competition and highway use. The cuttingedge engine technology is optimized through a highly-advanced engine managementsystem together with catalytic converters. The Highland technology will continue to be cutting edge for several years and apt tomeet future environmental standards.